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Waste container delivery

L. Blixt Construction Inc offers a wide variety of sizes of roll-off containers for the do-it-yourself person to heavy construction contractors. If you have any more queries, feel free to call or visit us at Chapman, KS.

10-15 yard containers are designed for smaller loads with restricted areas for drop off. This is the perfect container for you do-it-yourself project.

10-15 yard containers

20 yard containers are designed for smaller loads when you want to be able to easily throw your waste over the top of the container. They are also designed for heavier loads such as shingles or concrete.

20 yard containers

Whatever your needs, we are sure to have

the right size container for you.

30 yard containers can handle larger, but lighter loads.


40 yard containers are the largest capacity containers and are designed for high volumes of waste such as house demolition, tree removal, and new construction.

30 and 40 yard containers

All containers have a $200 rental fee with an additional $2.50 per mile for delivery.

Container rental terms

Roll-off containers

can be delivered

same day


  • Any size container

  • 2 week rental period

  • 10 ton maximum

  • Extra charges may apply for unacceptable material

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